Off The Streets

Case Study:

Introduction to Eoin

We first met Eoin at one of the winter night churches , he looked lost and very bewildered.

We explained to him who and what Off the Streets was and how we would try and help him .

We offered him a place at the shelter and he seemed relieved to know that he would have a bed and a base to leave his belongings, and he wouldn’t have to keep carrying his rucksack around.

In time Eoin began to relax and the barrier began to go down. He would join in with the banter, card games, and the pamper nights!


Eoin's Journey

In time Eoin began to build his relationship with his mum and she was very proud to be able to watch Eoin graduate after successfully completing the Princes Trust course.

Eoin spent many months with us until he thought he was ready to move into a house share. It was vital for us to continue the support even though he had moved. He continued to help at our events and would even get up at 6am to do a boot sale with us , the bacon sandwiches helped! As time passed we realised that Eoin needed to come back to the shelter as he was finding things tough.



He returned to the shelter with a large number of bags and seemed to accumulate more every day!

Eoin spent a good three months back with us, giving him time to regain confidence and security.

He began to spend more time with his mum and would regularly go and have dinner with her. After a number of conversations with Eoin, we managed to secure him a place in a houseshare that offered support.

He is a lot more settled now in his new accommodation, we continue to speak to him weekly and we are very proud of his progress and everything he has achieved.

It doesn’t matter how many times a guest returns to us, they will always be welcome and we will continue to support them through their journey .

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