Off The Streets

Case Study:

Introduction to Andi

I remember meeting a guy (Andi) on outreach and telling him about the shelter. That evening, he popped up to the shelter, and the only way I can describe him was like a closed book; he was quiet, hood up, and wouldn’t take his rucksack off. We made him tea and had a chat with him. This was pretty normal at the shelter for people to pop in for a warm drink and something to eat.

About three hours later I had a call from someone that was sleeping rough with Andi. He said he was going to get into the water with his rucksack on and that life was just too much, and that he couldn’t cope any more. I got in the car with another volunteer and headed to where they were. Luckily we got there in time, as he wasn’t in a great way when we got there. He was very low and you could tell he really didn’t want to be here.


We made the decision to take Andi back to the shelter and this really was where his new chapter started. The change in him within three days was amazing. Andi settled in really well and the rucksack came off!!  

We worked hard with Andi and he engaged with us really well – we gave him a purpose. Andi would always help at the events we held and around the shelter. These things made him feel important and that there was a reason for him to live. He felt like he fitted in somewhere . 

IMG_5596 Kirsty


It was really nice to see the change and to hear the words “I cant wait to get home tonight” from Andi. It’s a shelter to us but to Andi, this was his home.

Andi is now in permanent accommodation and is doing really well. Volunteering is what he really enjoys. We see Andi every week as he pops in to the shelter. It’s always brilliant to hear what ex guests are up to.

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