Off The Streets

To us it’s just a SHELTER but to our GUESTS it’s their HOME 


Off the streets are a group of concerned residents who felt that more needed to be done to help the rough sleepers, and to give them a better chance to move along in their journey; we opened up a night shelter in Beedell Avenue, Westcliff in September 2018. Ever since then, we have worked to help our guests get housed and lead successful lives. After all, any of us could find ourselves homeless at any point. In the past year, we have been awarded the Housing Justice Kitemark at Excellence standard and become a registered charity!

Who are we?

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We helped 21 people find jobs over 93 weeks since June 2020!

Case Studies

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Many feel like they have no way of helping, but we're here to say - there's an endless, easy amount of ways to help.

You donate via paypal - whether it be £1 or a £100! This'll help us purchase nessesities for the shelter, and for future projects, all to help out Southends most in need! You can also volunteer via the form on our website. Becoming an off the streets volunteer can go on your own CV too.

And finally, you can fundraise! Get in touch with us and see if you'd like to skydive, run a marathon, an event - anything.


How to help?